Your new home is waiting

It is my passion to connect people with something they can truly be proud of. By providing first class service and attention to detail, I offer to build trust and relationships with my clients to make sure they get the perfect fit every time. Let me take the stress and frustration out of the process by pledging to work tirelessly to provide the best experience possible.

My name is Ali Randolph and I am a recent graduate from the University of Iowa with a degree in business marketing. As an Iowa native, I have always loved the feel of Midwest living. Offering a down home feel that can be anything from casual to extravagant, homes in the heartland can truly offer any number of amenities to make a family feel blessed in their home. Getting to look out of your living room window on a snowy morning with a cup of coffee or seeing a sunset that lights the sky on fire from your front porch, and you’ll understand why I love selling real estate. Being young, fresh, and energetic about this career is a strong asset I offer to this business and gives me an edge amongst the rest. I would love to offer my services to you and work as your agent. I want to help people in one of life’s most wonderful moments. 

Looking for an agent? Let me exceed your expectations as I bring your dream to life of finding the perfect home for you.